The advantages of our mowing system

of grass to collect and dispose of: :
pulverised grass turns into a fertiliser for your lawn
less effort to cut your lawn::
light and handy lawn mowers without collection bags full of grass
of time saved for the maintenance of your garden: :
no interruptions to empty the grass bag and fill other containers to be disposed of
natural fertiliser and water supply for your lawn: :
by recycling the grass, the turf will naturally become more beautiful without spending anything
Look how the patented Grin mowing system works
It pulverises grass
it mows tall grass
it improves your lawn
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What they say about us

"… the capacity to mow tall grass, with the mowing result of a lawn mower with grass bag…"

Grin presents its novelties for 2017, comprising the 36 V battery powered line. A line which offers the end user the freedom in garden maintenance, powered by a single battery, which is compatible with the lawn mower and 3 complementary tools.

"Remarkable is how little routine maintenance and cleaning is needed, as the inside of the mowing deck is always clean and clear of debris…"

Applicable to the entire GRIN product pallet, the effectiveness of pulverization, the patented GRIN mowing system, tackles tall grass with speed, without leaving any residue on the lawn, that it is absolutely not necessary to collect the cut grass."

Grin vs Mulching

Watch the comparison on the lawn

The patented Grin system - MOWING, NO GRASS BAG, NO WASTE - must not be mistaken for the CONVENTIONAL MULCHING mowing system. Both systems are based on bag-less mowing, but were developed to meet different needs.


The main differences between the two systems are:

    With Grin it is possible to maintain the same mowing height and mowing frequency as with a grass bag type mower.
    In standard mowing conditions, Grin pulverises grass into very fine fragments, which are deposited on the soil and absorbed as fertiliser.
    With Grin it is possible to mow wet grass much better than with a grass bag type mower.


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