Grin vs Mulching

The patented Grin system - MOWING, NO GRASS BAG, NO WASTE - must not be mistaken for the CONVENTIONAL MULCHING mowing system. Both systems are based on bag-less mowing, but were developed to meet different needs.

The main differences between the two systems are:


With Grin it is possible to maintain the same mowing height and mowing frequency as with a grass bag type mower.

In order to achieve the same result with conventional mulching, the lawn must be mowed more than once a week, in the periods when grass grows fast, and moreover only when it’s very short.


    In standard mowing conditions, Grin pulverises grass into very fine fragments, which are deposited on the soil and absorbed as fertiliser.

    On the other hand, in standard mowing conditions, conventional mulching leaves patches of grass on the surface of the lawn, difficult to be absorbed by the soil and running the risk of suffocating the lawn


    With Grin it is possible to mow wet grass much better than with a grass bag type mower.

    With conventional mulching, the limited size of the mowing deck makes mowing wet grass difficult.



Watch the comparison on the lawn

Under standard mowing conditions, Grin pulverises the grass so fine that it falls through the lawn onto the soil, to be absorbed as a natural fertiliser.

Subsequently, the aesthetic result of mowing with Grin is similar to that of grass bag type mower. In the same mowing conditions, conventional mulching merely cuts grass which remains on the surface, making absorption by the soil difficult with the risk of accumulation and suffocating the lawn.

Moreover, when it dries up, it looks bad on the lawn.


The Grin mowing deck is about 30% higher than conventional mulching machines.

The shape and position of the blades make the volume of a Grin mowing deck about 50% greater than conventional mulching machines. This means that a Grin mower can process more grass without getting overloaded.

Grin performs much better in medium-tall grass than a conventional mulching system and is more durable.




The GRIN mowing system consists of a patented blade with a particular shape and of a special material.

The blade is fitted jointly with the patented helix disc on a specific height of the mowing deck. These two components, combined with the shape of the mowing deck, create a vortex with centrifugal effect which keeps the grass suspended in air for a longer time to be pulverised in fine particles.

The mowing system of a mulching machine normally consists of a curved blade that cuts the grass into several segments, at first contact and subsequently when the cut segment falls down.

When the length of the grass to be cut exceeds 8 to 10 cm, the cut segments are longer and visible.