How it works

The patented mowing system - MOWING, NO GRASS BAG, NO WASTE - developed by Grin pulverises grass while mowing.  With Grin there is no need to collect the grass, store it and dispose of it.

The mowed grass remains suspended in air for a few fractions of a second inside the patented Grin mowing deck, where it is centrifuged and pulverised, thanks to the vortex created by the movement of the patented Grin blade combined with the effect of a Grin helix disc placed near the blade.

This way, the grass loses most of its volume and is pulverised into minute and virtually invisible particles. These particles  fall directly onto the soil (they do not remain on the surface of the lawn!) and are absorbed in a very short time.

Grin processes grass in optimal manner inside the mowing deck, pulverising everything into extremely fine particles which serve as excellent fertiliser for your lawn!

In normal conditions, the lawn mowed with Grin looks identical to one mowed with mower with grass bag.

The mowing deck is so voluminous and smooth that no accumulation and clogging problems are encountered during mowing, which are typical of machines with grass bag.

All Grin mowers are constructed on a special frame, solely designed for this type of mowing. The Grin frame optimises the performance of the patented mowing system and ensures excellent results even in particularly difficult mowing conditions; tall grass, wet grass, uneven terrain etc.

The 10 questions Grin
1) Why is this the future?


To enjoy a beautiful garden, it requires regular maintenance.

Mowing the lawn is required most often. The biggest burden of this job are: the frequently required work interruptions to empty the grass bag and disposal of the grass waste.

It has been calculated that these two operations cove 75% of the time to mow the lawn.

The patented Grin system is the only type of mowing which allows the same mowing frequency and same mowing height as a conventional grass bag type mower, without leaving any visible residue.

2) Do I have to mow more often or only very short grass (6-8 cm)?


With Grin you can mow the grass at the same height as a conventional grass bag type mower, therefore it is not necessary to mow more often: you can keep your mowing habits!!

Frequent mowing is characteristic of mulch mowers.

3) Does Grin require additional lawn maintenance compared to a conventional mower?


No additional maintenance is required, compared to those needed with a conventional mower with grass bag.

The grass is pulverised so fine that it gets absorbed in a very short time as fertiliser. On the other hand, the non-pulverised residue deposited on the lawn when emptying a grass bag or when mowing with an overloaded grass bag is certainly more harmful for the lawn!!!

4) Do Grin lawn mowers need special maintenance?


Grin lawn mowers do not require any special maintenance, in addition to that normally carried out on any lawn mower.

All our dealers guarantee servicing and maintenance as for any lawn mower.

5) Does Grin damage the lawn?


Grin does not damage the lawn. On the contrary, it allows a rich natural fertilisation of the lawn.

Not many people know that mowed grass is never collected on a golf course. Nevertheless, the grass of a golf course is always very lush? Golf courses are mowed with machinery which cuts so fine, so it can be absorbed by the soil.

With a different technology, but according to a comparable principle, the patented Grin mowing system does the same: The only system which pulverises and maintains the same mowing frequency as a mower with grass bag.

6) Which is the difference between Grin and a traditional mower with grass bag?

None as regards the mowing frequency and aesthetic result of the lawn. A lot as regards the required time to mow, the burden to empty the grass bag and to dispose of the grass waste.

Mowing with Grin saves 2/3 of the time.

With Grin, maintenance of a 1,000 m2 lawn is completed in about 1 hour, against 3 hours needed when using a machine with grass bag. Moreover, you become independent from the municipal recycling depot opening hours.

The biggest burden of mowing the lawn is lifting and emptying  the heavy full grass bag: Grin makes mowing enjoyable.

7) Which is the difference between Grin and a robot?

The mowing result is the same, obtained without  effort with both systems and without having to dispose of the cut grass.

The main advantages of Grin compared to robotic systems are:

- Grin does not require pre-installation.

- Grin is suitable for any garden: even if there are flower beds, paths, terraces, different levels, sections of the garden which are not connected, slopes of 25% etc.

- Pets, children, sport and games, a barbecue, garden parties etc. are a problem for a robot.

- Purchasing and maintenance of Grin costs much less than a robot.

- The robot has to mow every day, continuously, in other words, even when you’re away on holiday, with risk of theft or malfunctions.

- Grin is extremely durable and does not shy away from uneven terrain, rustic lawns and even mows wet grass

8) Are there various models and tractions?

Grin has a complete range of models to suit the needs of every garden.

There are combustion engines, electric motors with extension cord and lithium battery powered motors. Click on „Products“ to have information about our comprehensive product range or use our configurator on each page to discover the most suitable Grin model for you.

9) Which are the particular structural features of Grin?

Grin lawn mowers are fabricated entirely in Italy and highly appreciated because of their structural integrity. They are all:

Sturdy: steel structure, reinforced axles, steel wheels, with double ball bearings on every model.

Highly manoeuvrable: compact and light.

Powerful and reliable: high quality motor and traction on self-propelled models.

10) Where can I get more information and where can I see the Grin machines?



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Grin vs Mulching

Watch the comparison on the lawn

The patented Grin system - MOWING, NO GRASS BAG, NO WASTE - must not be mistaken for the CONVENTIONAL MULCHING mowing system. Both systems are based on bag-less mowing, but were developed to meet different needs.


The main differences between the two systems are:

    With Grin it is possible to maintain the same mowing height and mowing frequency as with a grass bag type mower.
    In standard mowing conditions, Grin pulverises grass into very fine fragments, which are deposited on the soil and absorbed as fertiliser.
    With Grin it is possible to mow wet grass much better than with a grass bag type mower.
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