Tagliaerba professionale a benzina SPM53Pro Grin Sx
Tagliaerba professionale a benzina SPM53Pro Grin Chiuso

Grin SPM53 is a 3-wheel machine, with decentralized engine, ideal for maintenance in very tall grass and in situations of steep slopes.

The structure is based on the innovative Grin HD bridge frame, which allows you to mount the professional decentralized Kawasaki engine.

The lockable front pivoting wheel, the rear GRIP GRIN MAXI wheels and the optimal weight balance make this machine very agile and easy to maneuver in small spaces, on rough or sloping ground.

The 3-wheel arrangement allows effective cutting even in the vicinity of trees or other obstacles.

The Kawasaki professional engine is equipped with a forced lubrication system, which allows cutting even on steep slopes, without oil draft problems. Designed for professional use in tall grass, it is perfectly suited to complex lawns, in which various cutting situations alternate, ranging from rustic lawn, cut occasionally, to areas that are maintained more regularly.

flat or sloping
Professional use - Difficult situations
Data sheet
Mowing width
53 cm
Professional with 2 speeds
Mowing system
Patented Grin mowing system MOWING – NO GRASS BAG – NO WASTE
Mowing height
3 altezze regolabili sulla ruota anteriore pivotante
Ruote posteriori Grip Grin Maxi e anteriore pivotante
Mowing deck
Rinforzata, in acciaio verniciato a caldo
Quick height regulators in aluminium vibration absorbing grip - comfort levers
Kawasaki FJ180V KAI - 4 tempi con lubrificazione forzata per taglio in pendenza - 179 CC
59 kg
Professional engine

Designed for heavy use and difficult situations. High power and high torque while maintaining low fuel consumption, noise and vibrations.

Pivoting wheel

The front pivoting wheel guarantees extreme maneuverability in small spaces or around obstacles. A practical locking system allows you to lock the wheel in case of need. 

Specialised for very high grass and heavy use

Grin HD frame allows to mount the engine in off centre for an easier handling in high grass. Drive shafts and transmission belts for greater torque, impact resistance and minimal maintenance


Slope cutting

The professional Kawasaki engine for slopes is equipped with a forced oil lubrication system, which allows the operator to work peacefully on sloping lawns. 

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