Tosaerba con motore a scoppio HM53a Instart
Tosaerba con motore a scoppio HM53a Instart chiuso
Tosaerba con motore a scoppio HM53a Instart Grin

The INSTART version of the HM53A features an electric starter. Constructed on the proven Grin chassis, it has all the HM46 features but is mounted with the powerful and reliable Briggs & Stratton 5.5 HP 675 series engine with INSTART. This innovative engine has a Lithium Ion battery that makes it possible to start without pulling a cord. Instead, just press a button.

The battery allows more than 50 start ups with one complete charge.

The starter battery is completely charged in about 60 minutes, while more than 10 start ups are possible with just 10 minutes of charging. Instart is a true revolution in the field of lawn mower engines.





flat or sloping
1.200 to 3.000 mq
Data sheet
Mowing width
53 cm
MONO with aluminium casing
Electric starter with a button on the handlebar
Mowing system
Patented Grin mowing system MOWING – NO GRASS BAG – NO WASTE
Mowing height
4 altezze, regolabili con un'unica leva a scatto rapido
In acciaio con doppio cuscinetto a sfera
Mowing deck
Rinforzata, in acciaio verniciato a caldo
Quick height regulators in aluminium
Briggs & Stratton 6.75 - INSTART 4 tempi - 163 CC MOW N’STOW per rimessaggio verticale
36 Kg
Electric starter**

Petrol engine that is started by a button on the handlebar. The electic starter is powered by a practical Lithium-ion battery, which is easy to manage and quick to recharge.


Mow N'Stow

Allows the lawnmower to be placed vertically after every use, even with full tanks, in order to store it in a small space and easily clean and maintain the mowing system


Professional frame, lightness for private use

The overall strength and solidity of a professional frame combined with high quality components designed for private use where lightness, practical and easy handling are essential

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V.I.P. very important part
Optional and accessories

Have you ever accidentally hit a stone with your lawn mower and damaged the crankshaft?

Being distraction or due to just bad luck, small “accidents” may happen, which may lead to damaging the lawnmower’s mechanics.

Grin has introduced a device called ENGINE PROTECTION CONE to minimise these risks.