36v tools

The Grin 36V battery range consists of a lawn mower with MOWING – NO GRASS BAG – NO WASTE mowing system, and three more tools: brush cutter, hedge trimmer and leaf blower powered by the same Lithium Ion battery in a convenient harness.

Grin battery tools are recommended for users who want garden maintenance products that are:

• Silent, thanks to the electric motor.

• User-friendly, thanks to the electronic starter.

• Environmentally-friendly, zero polluting emissions.

• Healthy, because you don’t breathe in any exhaust gas.

• Convenient, because you don’t need to buy any petrol or oil.

• Low cost, maintenance and operational costs are lower.

• High performance, thanks to Grin structural features.

One charge is enough, in normal conditions, for the maintenance of gardens of about 400-500 m2.

Data sheet

Grin GL-3609 is the 36 V 9 Ah Lithium battery that Grin has engineered in Italy for its garden maintenance tools. Containing of 40 Lithium cells, this battery has integrated electronics that manage the main operative functions and controls the tool being used to reduce its consumption and optimise power.

All the information concerning consumption are shown on a convenient display on top of the battery.

At present, the battery is compatible with 4 tools: the GRIN BM46-36V lawn mower, the GRIN TM400 brush cutter, the GRIN HT300 hedge trimmer and the GRIN BL300 leaf blower.

The 9 A battery guarantees an excellent autonomy on all the tools.



• Made In Italy - specifically developed for Grin.

• Lithium Ion, voltage 36 V, capacity 9 Ah.

• BMS with charge/discharge protection features, cell balancing, temperature control, complete diagnostics with an event log.

• Complete dialogue with electronics integrated in the motor.

• LCD display indicating charge, work condition in real time, warning lights.

• USB port to access data and charge external devices.

• 4 A charger for a complete charge in little more 2 hours.


1 battery...4 tools!


TM 400


Grin TM 400 is an extremely high quality brush cutter, equipped with a powerful, battery powered electric motor. The Lithium Ion battery is carried around in a convenient harness, reducing the weight of the tool and increasing its manoeuvrability. Grin TM400 is fitted with a sturdy rod, with easy to use ergonomic controls. The HIT and GO head allows rapid replacement of the string.

During brush cutting, the string feed is quick. Supplied with square section 1.7 mm string. Holds up to 12 metres.

The highly energy efficient motor has been developed by Grin in Italy. It interfaces with the battery thanks to the integrated control electronics that assure constant power.


They prevent the string from breaking near the outlets, so the string does not retracted into the head.


To extract the string you need to hit the head on the ground. This ensures there are no jamming issues.








Grin HT300 is a very convenient and manoeuvrable hedge trimmer equipped with a powerful 160W electric motor, with 3,000 RPM output and battery powered.

The Lithium Ion battery is carried around in a convenient harness reducing the tool’s weight and increasing its manoeuvrability. Grin HT300, with 55 cm blade length and weight of 3 Kg, lets you easily trim medium sized hedges with excellent working speed. The quality of the blades assures a clean cut. The ergonomic grip and double safety switch make it a safe tool even when used in awkward stances.






Grin BL300 is a light weight leaf blower, 1,8 kg, and compact, equipped with a powerful 160 W electric motor, with 14,000 RPM output, producing an air speed of 280 km/h and battery powered. The Lithium Ion battery is carried around in a convenient harness, reducing the weight of the tool and increasing its manoeuvrability. Grin BL300 is suitable for the most common work in a garden such as removing leaves from flower beds, lanes, curbs and lawn. Combined with a Grin machine it can be used to blow the leaves onto the lawn, to be pulverised with the lawnmower so they don’t need to be collected.