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Grin BM46A-82V is a lawn mower with automatic traction equipped with the Briggs & Stratton electric motor powered by an 82V lithium ion battery.
The 5Ah and 82V battery allows you to mow up to 600 m², under normal conditions, with one full charge. With an additional 5Ah battery, it is possible to mow up to 1.200 m².
The 2 SPEED professional traction in oil bath, in aluminum casing, is reliable and powerful and allows you to adjust the speed according to the conditions of the lawn.
The innovative Grin design of the traction, mounted on GRIN suspended axles, enables to increase shock resistance and durability.
Built on the proven Grin chassis, with the standard ENGINE PROTECTION CONE, it is equipped with a 1,5 KW electric motor, that assures incredible performance in tall grass and difficult conditions, similar to a machine with internal combustion engine.
The electronics enable the variation of the motor’s RPM from 2.600 to 2.900, optimising battery life thanks to automatic power adjustment according to mowing conditions.
Thanks to the structural integrity and the motor, it is widely appreciated by professional gardeners.

flat or sloping
Professional use - Difficult situations
800 to 1.200 mq
Data sheet
Mowing width
46 cm
Professional with 2 speeds
Mowing system
Patented Grin mowing system MOWING – NO GRASS BAG – NO WASTE
Mowing height
4 heights, adjustable with a single quick action lever
Grip Grin, steel structure with double ball bearing
Mowing deck
Reinforced, powder coated steel
Foldable with quick regulators
Briggs & Stratton 82V - Lithium ION - High efficiency, with integrated control, safety key
33 Kg - without battery
Electric starter

Practical electic motor starter on the handlebar with safety button to prevent accidental start-up


82 Volt lithium-ion battery

82V of power to ensure outstanding performances and a duration of 45 minuts mowing equal to 600 sq m. Quick recharge in just 75 minutes, mowing performances identical to those of a combustion engine

Standard shock protection system

Engine protection cone that combined with the Grin frame absorbs shocks caused by accidental impacts against stones or roots during mowing, thus minimising the consequences of these impacts


Professional frame, electric comfort**

Combines the same structural characteristics of a professional machine with the low noise level, the practical handling and the comfort of an electric motor with battery

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