EM 37

tagliaerba elettrico con cavo
em37 chiuso
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Grin EM37 features a 1,600 Watt electric motor with cord.

Built on the proven Grin chassis, it is mounted with a very powerful made Austrian made electric motor.

Those who have tried this machine confirm they have found no differences in mowing quality compared to a combustion engine lawn mower. Very manoeuvrable thanks to the compact size and steel wheels with double ball bearings, this lawn mower excels in gardens up to 400 m2 with easy access to mains power sockets.

The advantages of opting for this model are: silent, easy to switch on, no polluting emissions, the convenience of not needing any petrol or oil.

The mowing deck of this machine is the same as a Grin lawn mower with combustion engine. When used in a small garden, it will work perfectly for many years.


flat or slightly sloping
0-400 mq
Data sheet
Mowing width
37 cm
Electric starter with a button on the handlebar
Mowing system
Patented Grin mowing system MOWING – NO GRASS BAG – NO WASTE
Mowing height
4 altezze, regolabili con un'unica leva a scatto rapido
In acciaio con doppio cuscinetto a sfera
Mowing deck
Rinforzata, in acciaio verniciato a caldo
Quick height regulators
Elettrico 220 Volt - Potenza 1600 Watt
20 Kg
Electric starter

Practical electic motor starter on the handlebar with safety button to prevent accidental start-up


Electric motor

powerful and practical electric motor with cable. Reliable and long-lasting, it has a power of 1,600 Watts. Under standard mowing conditions, its performance does not differ from the one of a combustion engine

Professional frame, electric comfort

Combines the same structural characteristics of a professional machine with the low noise level, the practical handling and the comfort of an electric motor with battery


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